Sunny Isles: The Perfect Baby Moon Getaway

Sunny Isles, Florida was the stage for my “Babymoon” last December. At 4 months pregnant, I was finally over the morn—uh night sickness in my case, nausea and exhaustion and was ready for a mini break away.  Once you realize that after the baby comes your vacations may be halted for awhile (read: good bye adult only resorts and hello kid-friendly packages), this last opportunity for a quick getaway with just your beau becomes more of a must than a maybe.

We decided to head to south Florida two weeks before Christmas and spend 4 nights in Sunny Isles, a ritzy, glitzy beach town in between Fort Lauderdale and South Beach.

After finding an amazing deal online we checked into the beautiful Marenas Beach Resort & Spa. The view of the ocean from our room was amazing and more so when I was actually in a lounge chair on the beach enjoying the breeze and warm sun. Marenas is situated on a beautiful stretch of beach – white sand, clear water and beautiful waves.

The resort  a very modern, boutique style hotel and has a very relaxed atmosphere. If you rent a car and drive, be prepared to pay (and tip) for valet only parking.

Early December was a great time to get away. There was minimal crowd due to it being the holiday season. We spent the mornings on the beach and the afternoons driving about Collins Avenue. The strip mainly boasts restaurants and nearby shopping at average Aventura Mall or if you are in the mood for some big spending or simply want to browse and feel “rich” for a few hours, mingle around Bal Harbour Shops – they call it “The Shopping Hall of Fame” for a reason.

The pricey breakfast buffet at the hotel was expected but well worth it because we ate on the back patio overlooking the ocean each morning.  This option was most convenient and healthy for me and my bump. Plus who doesn’t love a breakfast buffet while on vacation! The options for breakfast along Collins are not the healthiest unless you’re ok to just have a coffee/tea and a bagel.

For lunch head 20 minutes south to Lincoln Avenue, South Beach. There are a slew of restaurants and cafés for your choosing; most if not all boast a patio where you can people watch while waiting for your meal. There are unique shops along the Ave. and a few ice-cream shops for when you are ready for a cool down. If you are up for a busier beach and can bear the crowd to find a spot to relax then South Beach is for you – it’s right at the end of Lincoln.

I did muster up enough strength (haha) to participate in my favourite event – outlet shopping! I picked up a few items for the baby at nearby Sawgrass Mills Mall, the second largest mall in Florida. If you have the time, you can find the mall 20-30 minutes north of Sunny Isles in Fort Lauderdale.


Enjoying a waffle cone and ice-cream on Lincoln Avenue, South Beach. Can you see the bump? Must have been 17-19 weeks at that point.


  • Bring flats! – Your feet will definitely swell on your flight and if you are traveling to a destination that is warmer than home. Try to have more than one pair and some flip-flops.
  • Be prepared if any emergencies – You should always get the ok from your OBGYN prior to booking travel. If you are all clear for flying, be sure to know where the closest hospital is to your hotel just in case you need to see a doctor right away.
  • Snacks keep the nauseous feeling at bay! – Be sure to bring granola bars or crackers with you to always have in your purse. This can help tide you over in case you are not able to have a meal right away during your travels.Listen to your body – I remember having Braxton Hicks contractions after a busy day and a half of sightseeing. It was time to rest! Be sure to rest often, put your feet up and really relax.
  • Avoid saunas or hot tubs. Overheating is not safe for your growing baby.
  • Keep hydrated! Have water with you at all times.

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